Kínai Kereskedelmi és
Információs Központ


About us

The Hungarian China Trade Information Centre Ltd. was founded in 1998 by a group of Chinese investors.

We are an intermediary company between China and Hungary, China and Europe.

Our company has information offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing. We keep contact with the Information Centres from 22 economically important cities in China. In Europe we exchange information with the Information Centres in Nederland, Spain.

During our assignment we consider our clients' interest is the most relevant.

We believe in

In our developments and investments the clients’ needs are in focus. Our services facilitate the contact with Chinese companies. We contribute to build a good economic, social and cultural relationship with both countries.

We believe that with our solutions, our clients become active part of the economy’s catalyst and an important component of the social convergence.

Our strategy

Our aim is to become the number one business adviser of the Hungarian and European companies. To achieve this, we provide quality services to the business sector, and enhance our leadership in the import-export services.

Our pursuit

As a China-specialized consulting company our main role is to eliminate the possible threats to make you successful in China. To reach this, we provide professional collaboration between business partners, and experience-based services.

From its establishment in 1998 the China Trade Information Centre became an important part of the Hungarian-Chinese economical, social and cultural relations.

Our employees know well the Chinese mentality, legal system and economic situation. Therefore we offer you a safe and effective business service.