Business consulting

Based on our many years experience, we help you, give you advice from the beginning untill the implementation. In China the business custom is very different than that one we used to

Market research

We contact the manufacturer or distributor was recommended by us but was choosed by you. We present them your individual needs and notion. We solve the language problems. (Because there are lots of manufacturers don’t speak English.) 

Based on product samples, technical drawing and photos, we search the most appropriate manufacturer and distributor. According to your need, we make quotation and transact price negotiations.

Travel arrangements, visas, air tickets, hotel reservations
We arrange your travel to take part exhibitions and meet manufacturers to negotiate. During your trip, we provide everything you need, like arrangeing trips in China or ordering limousine in the city you stay. Regarding hotel reservations we give our partners significant discount.  


Carrying the purchased products to Hungary, custom clearance 

Through the word’s biggest supplier we transport the purchased products to the main European ports. Clearance and management according to the current EU legislation. Delivery to the place you mark.



EU Authority 
According to the legislation in force, instead of you we get the permissions to distributing.

Advocacy at the manufacturer 

Despite our strict control system, we inform the manufacturer about the problems that may arise, and we do everything to solve the problem.

Hungarian subtitling, repackaging 

 According to your needs, we supply your products with Hungarian subtitle or repackaging which is appropriate to the consumer protection regulations. 

Design and manufacture unique products 

With our professional team, we plan and prepare the apperiance of your totally unique product, with trademark registration too.

Full discretion 

We garantee that handle confidentially all of the information, datas won’t be publish to other third party. We expect you also do the same.