Introduction: We are KKIK!

Today in Hungary, businesses and alike are increasingly hearing the name of our company, the Chinese Trade and Information Center (otherwise more known as KKIK). But who exactly are we?  This is the reason for this blog, to re-introduce ourselves to everyone and to share our stories and thoughts in connection to the daily work that we do.

As mentioned above, the acronym of our company name is KKIK. We have been in business in Hungary since 1998, and our focus and goal have been to enable small and midsize Hungarian businesses the ability to utilize Chinese manufacturing power. Our goal is to help our clients reduce the cost of their business needs and hence increase in revenue. We have just turned 20 this year, and it’s time to reflect what we’ve achieved throughout the years in Hungary. We are traders by nature and have found various products across many industries for our clients. In fact, we can almost always find the right manufacturer to produce the products you need. However, like every company, we also have our specialties. They will be touched upon later and in subsequent blog posts.

Back to the introduction, there’s another important information (it’s easy to guess from our name), all of our suppliers are all mainly located in China and its surrounding regions. Unfortunately, China is not as close to Hungary, as Biatorbágy to Budapest, therefore delivery time often takes a month or so. On top of that, we regularly have to deal with  bureaucratic and logistic complexities that a local business simply do not wish to think about. But that’s the nature of the field. We do however try to always ensure that the products only have to be dealt locally making the whole importing process completely transparent to our clients.

Earlier, we have mentioned that we connect businesses. Aside from business, we also connect languages. We have a mixed culture of colleagues from China, Hungary, and the United States. So we can fluently switch between Hungarian, Chinese, and English. There are no language barriers for our customers. It is important to have Chinese speaking natives because many Chinese manufacturers prefer to communicate in their mother tongue. Additionally, knowing the culture and native business practices can help us navigate business deals more easily.

As it is widely known, China has become the fastest developing country in the world in the last couple decades – it’s also easy to see in their products, too. When people hear „quality”, they usually think of German, Japanese, or maybe North-American manufacturers. Thanks to these stereotypes, using the expression „made in China” often leads to conclusion of inferior quality. While the cheaper and inferior products still exist, countless high-quality products are also being manufactured daily in China. Today, major global companies  such as Apple, Nike, HP, and so on use Chinese manufacturers for their products. A large amount of technologies are adopted from Japan, the US, and Germany and upgraded accordingly with their own R&D. Many manufacturers now have state of the art infrastructures and manufacturing capabilities that rival their western counterparts. But again, there are still manufacturers that continue to cut corners to increase their profit.

So here is where we come in. Today with various internet platforms, all kinds of Chinese manufactures have been brought closer to all of us. This creates a false sense that everyone can find what they need and produce what they want. The truth is, however, is that it’s not so simple. The openness of these platforms also bring closer the inferior manufacturers and scammers to businesses. Unfortunately, we have worked with quite a few Hungarian small businesses that were scammed by or these fake factories and representatives. We have handled some these cases and advised alternative import services in other cases. While every case is different and unique, the story is common, that a business heard from a partner or associate that it is easy to import products from China by themselves. Some of these is true, but more often it’s a draw of the straw.  If one is lucky, they may encounter a reputable manufacturer genuinely trying to do business. The alternative is obviously loss of fortune. It boils down to this. Would you trust someone you just meet on the bus today and after having a conversation about some item that they have for which you would later wire money to them in promise of them sending you it later in the mail? Sometimes global business are as dangerous as this.

At the end of the day, our service is about bringing the product our clients need and reduce their stress dealing with foreign companies that are thousands of kilometers away. Our lengthy experience working with manufacturers along with the resources and relationships we have within China enables us to identify these pitfalls and allow us to find the best producers that matches our clients’ needs.

After all, meeting the technical goals and quality of the product along with reducing cost is the bread and butter of our business.