Goji berries

From year to year goji berries are becoming more popular in Hungary. Although the fruit is being used for thousands of years in China, the western world realized its beneficial effects only a few years ago. Thanks to the berry’s high content of vitamin C, the 21 types of minerals (as calcium, zinc, selenium) and the 18 types of amino acids, Goji berry has several positive effects on our health.

The berry has such a high tolerance for cold, that it even survives in -25 °C. Berries containing the highest number of vitamins are grown in the desert of Ningxia and Qinghai provinces within China. The goji berries grown in these areas might be the plants with the highest nutrient content in the whole planet.

Thanks to its inner content, this fruit can be a huge support in our everyday life.

The beneficial effects are the followings:

  • it stimulates HGH growth hormone, thus it inhibits aging
  • its high vitamin A content helps to recover the eyesight
  • its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and fungicidal effects help in curing diseases and inflammations
  • it reduces the risk of developing allergies
  • it improves the physical fitness and it gives energy
  • it inhibits gene mutation;thus it can prevent the risk of the formation of cancer
  • according to scientific experiments, the berry can stop the formation of cancer, or even reduces the effect of the cancer
  • it can destroy the superoids in the blood
  • it can prevent or control diabetes
  • it handles digesting problems effectively
  • it prevents the formation of hypertension
  • the vitamins strengthen the immune system
  • it has a desire-boosting effect and helps to prevent the formation of infertility
  • it helps forming the nutrition into energy, thus increasing the chance of losing weight

It is recommended to take the berries daily to reach its desired effect. The berry can be eaten raw, cooked, dried, or soaked in tea.

Since our company imports the berries from the provinces of Ningxia and Qinghai, we guarantee the highest quality. Although goji berry is able to survive nearly anywhere, the berries grown in the desertified area contain the highest number of vitamins and nutrition, thus having outstanding beneficial effects.