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Our field office branches are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Nanjing in China. We also keep connections with information bureaus from over 22 economically important cities in China. In Europe, we exchange information with the bureaus in the Nederland and Spain.
We believe in understanding, developing, and investing in our clients' needs in order to faciliate and communicate them fully with our Chinese counterparts. We believe our solutions and services will enable our clients to not only become economically successful, but also becoming an active part to promote social and cultural relationships between China and Europe.


Our strategy

As a China-specialized consulting company, our main role is to eliminate the potential uncertainty, threats, and language and cultural barriers in the global business environemnt to ensure your success in our partnership. We have over 25 years of import/export expriences in Europe. 


Our pursuit

Our goal is to become the number one business adviser for Hungarian and European companies looking for import from and export to China. To achieve this, we have already developed numerous successful business partnerships with Hungarian clients with great result. 

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The Hungarian China Trade Information Center Ltd. was founded in 1998 by a group of Chinese investors with the goal to expand business channels and opportunities between China and Europe.

From its establishment in 1998 the China Trade Information Center has been a catalyst in various Hungarian-Chinese economic, geo-political, social, and cultural collaborations.

We are are fluent in the business culture of China and Europe. We under the legal systems and economic situations. Therefore we offer you a safe, effective and efficient business service.


2009. July 18th. The president of KKIK welcomed Chinese Priminister Hu Jintao at the airport of Hungary.


Chinese Priminister Hu Jintao met with Chinese expatatriate leaders, including the president of KKIK, in China.


Chinese priminster Hu Jintao meeting with influencial expatriate Chinese business owners, including the president of KKIK.


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