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Do you have problems with the Chinese manufacturers?
Can’t you decide wich company you can trust?
Do you have problem with the ordered product?
We help you to manage your import – export businesses! 

We can help you find the best manufacturers, manage the forwarding, and clear customs for you until the products safely arrive at the destination of your choice.

We have more than 25 years of experiences in the field of import and export betwen Europe and China. Through our connections all over the world, we can help you choose the products with the best quality and price. Our tested products are garanteed for you without hidden costs!

Services we provide:

- We vet and visit the manufacturers on your behalf to prevent fraud 
- We validate the information on the Chinese company’s English webpage for you
- We ensure you have full understanding of the product of interest and the testing results
- We garantee our contracts that are countersigned by expert lawyers
- We garantee that the shipment contain the product you have ordered
- We can also provide legal expert who have extensive knowledge working in China
- We provide native language level interpreter for your negotiations
- We ensure full confidentiality of all documents throughout the entire transaction

Contact Information

Product pricing:


Phone: +36 1 239 4691
Mobile: +36 30 699 3460
Fax: +36 1 329-1700

Import - Export:
Phone: +36 1 450 0360
Mobile: +36 30 699 3469

Phone: +36 1 239 4691
Mobile: +36 70 528 5675
Mobile: +36 30 964 6889

1135 Budapest, Béke út 26

Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm 
Saturday: 10am-4pm 
Sunday: Closed

24 hr. Reception Service
Tel: +36 1 320-0711