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Hungary’s higher education has great international recognition and has become
increasingly popular.

There are 35 Hungarian universities that offer foreign language programs. You can choose
from more than 550 different degree programs.

Hungary has a deep cultural heritage along with young and vibrant population. There are
many cultural and modern gems that are perfect for university students and young
professionals alike to discover.

The Nobel Prize is the 13th in the world for Hungary, the country’s per capita winner.

Hungary was selected as the safest 15 countries in the world.

The quality of life is high but the level of consumption is low. In addition, you can meet a beautiful country.

Hungary also offers a lively and welcoming culture, a fascinating history and beautiful
architectures and landscapes.

Compared to other Europian universities, the tuition fees are much lower (starting from
700 EUR).

Hungary is one of the 15 safest countries in the world.

Note: This data is from Wikipedia, about the national security data source of Hungary: Reports (About World Peace Index).


Hungary is a really unique country in the heart of Europe, with a special language, interesting culture, delicious cuisine, and is full of warm-hearted, welcoming people. Hungary has everything, what a young spirited student can imagine, this country can give you a life changing adventure, with full of knowledge, fun, and friends for a lifetime.

Hungary has a lot of prestigious, famous universities, and these universities are waiting for you with open gates, offering numerous English programs, which you can choose from.  These years more and more international student choose to come to Hungary, so we can promise you will never be bored or never will be alone.

When you are up to go for a small journey, or just want leave your dormitory for a day, just do it. In every season Hungary can offer you something special, in winter you can visit one the thermal baths, where you can relax in the hot water while looking at the snowing outside. Or you can drink some mulled wine between two round ice skating on the lake of the city park. The spring weather is just perfect to go for walk on the shore of Danube, or go for a sightseeing boat trip? It is up to you!  Did you ever hear something about Hungary’s music festivals? No? Then it is a ‘must do’ program in the summer, you can choose from the worldwide famous bands and singers, you can decide whether you want to rock it in on the island of Danube, or dance in the Balaton lake, while you are listening to your favorite singer, or maybe both… 

If you are interested in the cuisine of different countries, then you will enjoy your time in Hungary. You will meet world famous cakes, soups, wines, and really creative street food art. 

Study and Living Cost in Hungary

The tuition fees vary from institute to institute. It mostly depends on the university and the program you are applying for. Medical school and dental school are more expensive compared to the other programs, that cost around €2000-4500 per an academic year.

For reference: One loaf of bread: €1
One-liter milk: €1
Dinning out for one: €5-8
One cinema ticket: €4
Monthly student transportation pass: €15
A box of cigarette: €3.5
Gym membership per month: €37



Airplane tickets and visa cost (2000 EUR) University application fee, and registration fee (150 to 200 EUR) Official documentation translation (300 – 500 EUR) Tuition fee* (2000 to 4500 EUR per term).

A student live in Budapest should have approx. 520 Euros per month to cover the accommodation, utilities, local transport and the extra expenses. Students live in any other city of Hungary, you will need minimum of 300 Euros per month. Rent cost is approx. 150-250 Euros per month.

18-35 years old (including secondary school, vocational high school, technical school) education and above.
Or have a college degree, university degree or master degree.
Students have English proficiency but no TOEFL IELTS score requirements.

Once the university is chosen by you

we will retrieve all the information you need from the school to prepare for the application process. Don’t worry, we will also help you with filling the application as well.


An application fee will be assessed once all the forms and required documents have been submitted.


VISA about

Upon acceptance, the university will send an invitation letter for you to obtain a visa.


With the invitation letter we can start the visa/residence permit process on your behalf.

Once you receive your visa and arrive Hungary, we will help you settle down in your dormitory or apartment and register with the university.


Once you have decided to study abroad, the first step is to find a program of your interest.


We will immediately help you identify the university that best matches your expectations.


You can use all the prepared documents prepared by us to visit the Hungarian embassy to obtain a visa. You can decide then


The tuition will be assessed then and shortly after you may begin your studies.





Eötvös Loránd University

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is located in the heart of Budapest and is one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary.

Semmelweis University

With its more the 250 years of experience, Semmelweis University is the most famous Medical school in Europe.

University of Szeged

Szeged is a very special and beautiful city where we can still find strong traces of Hungarian tradition.


Liszt Ference Academy of Music

It was founded in 1875 by the famous Hungarian composer of the 19th – century, Liszt Ferenc.

Óbuda University

Óbuda University was established in 2000, like other young schools, it has also received popularity among recent high school graduates.

Károli Gáspár University

This university was founded in 1839, and is located in the center of Budapest.


Metropolitan University Budapest

Metropolitan University was founded relatively recently in 2000, but each year, it is getting increasingly popular.


IBS Budapest – International Business School Budapest

IBS is a popular and modern private university.Every year students from 80 different countries choose to attend IBS.

BME - Budapest University of Technology and Economics

With a Budapest University of Technology and Economics Degree, you will have a lot of job opportunities.


Pázmány Péter Catholic University

It was established in1635.The campus is secluded and surrounded by beautiful natural greeneries.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus University was founded in 1920. It is a young but very popular university.

University of Debrecen

This university was established in 1538, and its name is widely known by Europe and other countries.


University of Pécs

It was founded in 1367. This makes University of Pécs the oldest university in Hungary.Pécs itself is an college town, while not so big, but is filled with young people.


University of Dunaújváros

The first and only higher educational institution in Dunaújváros, the Technicum of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, our predecessor institution was established in 1953. 

Government website

Hungarian Immigration Bureau

Hungarian Human Resources

European Commission

Hungarian Presidential Palace


Hungarian Prime Minister's Office